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We serve with an organization called Praying Pelican Missions. Since we got married in February, 2012, we have been their full time missionaries on the ground here in Haiti. We do so much more than lead teams when they come to serve in Haiti (if you are interested in serving with us, there are plenty of opportunities).  

The Basics of Praying Pelican Missions

Praying Pelican Missions is different than many organizations in that we don't have a base or a main partner that we repeatedly bring teams to--not saying those things are bad, we are just different. Our goal is to help connect the local church in communities here in Haiti with the local church in North America. This connection is meant to be a long term relationship that encourages both churches in their respective ministries so that God would be made more famous in the world. That may be a little difficult to understand, so here is a video that may help.

To ensure ministry like this happens well and continues to glorify God in every way, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that needs to be done. This is where we come in.

Almando: Haiti Ministry Coordinator

Almando meets with pastors throughout Haiti to maintain current relationship and find potential future partners, encourage them, listen to their needs and the vision God has given them, and helps them learn how to become a Praying Pelican Mission partner church. He travels a lot to find these pastors and maintain the relationships with them. We currently have more than 30 different partnership pastors throughout Haiti.

Besides simply building those relationships, Almando has a heart to connect all of our pastors together to share ideas and experiences, and to encourage one another. We hosted our first Partnership Conference in December, 2014 which was a huge success. Our pastors were so grateful for how Al invests in them and encourages them in their ministry.

Since Almando is so handy and wants our teams to be able to go where other teams have not been able to

go, he meets with pastors in remote areas and helps them be able to begin partnerships as well. He builds bathrooms, trains cooks, and helps pastors see the Kingdom benefit of having their local church connected with others. Seeing prayers answered through him doing these things is an encouragement to us.

It is Almando's responsibility to partner the teams who want to serve in Haiti with a pastor and church by looking at the gifts and goals of the team and the vision and needs of the communities. This is a huge responsibility that takes a lot of time, research, prayer, and dedication as we hosted 1,300 short term participants on trips this year.

Once the teams are placed, Almando's job isn't done. He leads some of the teams that come into the country, but is the "go to" guy for the rest of our staff to call with questions or for help whenever a team is on the ground. In the future, he wants to visit as many teams possible while they are in the country and encourage them while they are ministering with our local pastors. We have started to invite group leaders to our home to share a meal with them toward the end of their trip and visit with them. We want to make sure that the relationships we are helping to form are healthy on both sides.

When the trip is finished, Almando works to follow up with the pastor and find out how we can continue to encourage him and better serve him in the future. There are numerous other things Almando does as the Haiti Ministry Coordinator including hosting vision trips, organizing staff missions, and attending church events throughout the year.

Cassie: Full Time Missionary/Human Resources

Cassie spends a lot of time being mom right now--this is her first minsitry--but still has a heart to continue serving with and investing in the Haitian staff.  She tells the staff over and over that they are missionaries to the missionaries who come to serve. She encourages them to be able to share about Haiti and how God is moving here. 

There are currently around 30 Haitians who are serving on a contract basis. Cassie works on schedules, manuals, training materials, and meetings throughout the year. She desires that each staff member grows to be a great leader--not only within PPM, but in their community. We know that our staff can make a huge impact for God.

Working with the staff is a big undertaking, but Cassie enjoys investing in
people. She, also, assists, supports, and encourages Almando in all his tasks. 

Called Together

We rely on each other and God to be able to serve Him well. We do so much and, yet, we see so much more that we can do. We know that we have been called together to serve God here and are looking forward to how our roles continue to evolve as God continues to mold us.

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