Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Through the Eyes of a Child

With teams coming and going fairly often around here, Bityah and Oved have joined us on semi-regular airport runs. Yesterday, we spent the day out bringing a small team who has been visiting their partnership church in southern Haiti from our house to the airport with some stops on the way there and on the way back.  Every couple of hours throughout the day, I took a picture of either what Bityah was doing or what she was seeing, so you could see what her day looks like today. Remember, this isn't our normal routine, but it was our day yesterday.

Bityah woke up as normal and got to choose from two outfits to wear. This is the one she chose because she absolutely loves Minnie Mouse! After a little play time, it was time to hit the road with the team. Typically, B would enjoy a yogurt while breakfast is being prepared and then eat with the rest of the family, but this time, we went to a local cafe!  Apple sauce, egg wrap, and a yummy MangoLime smoothie from Haiti Made Cafe.  Such a great breakfast at a sweet little cafe.  (For more information on Haiti Made, click HERE)   Bityah played "naps" while the rest of us took some time to visit with the Haiti Made crew and each other.

We were back on the road and, this time, we were heading to Carrefour to pay a visit to Sister Mona at Good Shepherd Orphanage. She calls the kiddos Baby B and Baby O. As we arrived, "Nona?" could be heard from the back seat. Just like that, B was ready to get out and run! And she did.

We didn't have much time at Good Shepherd as the team had to get to the airport, but it was good to get out and run. Then, it was more road time!  Let's be honest, sometimes the road is packed with cars and it is a "stop-and-go" situation, or there is plenty of room. Going through downtown Port-au-Prince (unless it is VERY early or VERY late), it is more often than not the "stop-and-go" situation. So, this is what we saw yesterday.


Bityah loved this little mustang!
Post-Mustang face
 After dropping the team off at the airport, we stopped to have lunch at a nearby hotel. Bityah had tomatoes, cucumbers, and french fries.  Since we don't get across town all that often, we decided to make the most out of our trip and go shopping for some supplies. We stopped at a brand new store and were surprised at the variety inside and the reasonable prices. B found this car and really wanted to take it home with her. It was tough to leave the store without it. Two more stops before we could head home: the hardware store and the grocery store. Three stores and three different carts, one was a car cart. We visit that store more often than the others so B knew as we were pulling into the parking lot that she was going to get to ride in the car cart.  "Beep! Beep!" she yelled over and over.  So exciting to get to ride in the car cart for a while--made her forget the little red mustang in the other store that she wanted so badly.
Bityah is pointing out the "M" for me at the hardware store.

Next thing you know, it is 5:00 and we still have a long drive ahead of us. A snack of yogurt in the truck and then it was nap time. Nap time until we got to Carrefour and had to pick up a fridge for one of our neighbors. Then it was time to patiently wait and sit until we got home. It is tough to sit and wait so long--especially when you are 2!

It was dark when we got home, but B was ready to play and run. I think she thought she could go all night, but she was all tired out in 30 minutes and ready for bed.

Here are some other things Bityah experienced or saw throughout the day:
Taking care of little brother.
Fun with Sister Mona
Daddy tying wood to the the top of the truck.
Colorful Taptaps are "Pretty"

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